Guild Composition

Tank %
Healer %
Balanced for 5-Man PvP / PvE Teams

(1 Tank + 3 DPS + 1 Healer)














  • Top PvP Shotcallers + Fully Automated Infrastructure
  • Google Drive Based Logistics + Miro-board Intel & OpSec
  • Integrated Sheet API & Scripts + Web API-based Market Hub
  • Experienced Leadership + Custom-coded Raiding tools.
  • Self-coded Discord Bots + Focused Crafting Divisions.
  • Static-based PvX Roster + Organized Content (PvP & PvE).
  • A Well-built, Established Roster + Healthy, Constructive Environment.
  • In-depth Guides and Resources + Interactive Community Projects.
  • Too Many Spreadsheets + A Few guild slots reserved for crafters.
  • Large Scale PvP. Castle Sieges. Battlegrounds. World Bosses.
  • Pushing Guild Organization & Management to its limits.
  • Striving for the top among the competition + Leaderboards
  • Cutting edge Tools + Resources + Discord Bots + Guides.
  • Unrivaled Diplomacy. Clear relations based on return investment.
  • Objective-based PvP, not griefing. Guild + Player progression is key.
  • Information and knowledge regarding AoC is key to our success.
  • Large-Scale PvP Mandatory – High attendance during open world PvP events. (Sieges/Wars/Bosses/etc.)
  • Meta Character Progression – Character + Gear progression. (Ensure your character/equipment is meta)
  • Mandatory Voice Comms – Microphone + Voice chat is compulsory. (Active on Discord – Voice + Text)
  • Launch Day Level Rush – Commitment to rush towards level cap on release. (Enjoy server queues)
  • Good PR – Maintain good public relations/appearances. (Guild Reputation takes priority over you)
  • Discord Primary – Able to speak English and follow commands. (English is mandatory)
  • Non-Toxic – Public Trash talk will not be tolerated. (Say GG/GF only)
  • Be Mature – Stay Open-Minded. Drama is frowned upon.
  • No Bullshit – Dont waste our time and we wont waste yours.


What is Checkmate?

Checkmate is a Hardcore Guild focused on maintaining a heavy server presence in both PvP and PvE on European servers. We push guild organization to its limits and offer the most powerful tools, spreadsheets and discord bots available for MMOs in Europe. That said, large-scale PvP is our core focus as a Guild- It is the type of content that we enjoy the most and it helps us maintain server presence and achieve our objectives as a guild. We do not accept pure PvE players.

How involved does Checkmate plan to be on their server?

Expect to see our presence heavily across the server- Ranging from open world server events to leaderboards and rankings. We aim to be at the forefront of clearing content and to have our name inscribed in every place we can.

What are the requirements to join Checkmate?

We’re looking for players that are motivated and driven. Even though our roster is primarily Hardcore, we do accept semi-hardcore players willing to attend large scale PvP. But we do NOT accept pure PvE players. With a firm belief that one cannot excel at PvP unless they are consistent in clearing PvE content- Efficiency, Organization and Respect are the core values that we are built upon. We do not require that our members invest X amount of hours on a daily basis, what matters to us is that our members constantly progress towards end game and stay relevant.

How do you handle conflicts/drama?

Our members are encouraged to record screenshots/videos/chat logs regarding any sensitive incident that takes place so that we may review it and appropriately handle the situation. Alternatively, we simply drag both parties into voice chat to go over the incident as we believe it is the fastest solution to solving issues.

What actions result in being kicked?

Often the primary reason for being kicked is due to them tarnishing the Guild’s image, be it via public trash talk or by going against what we stand for. Other reasons include members simply being abrasive.

  • Going against the Raid leader’s shotcalls.
  • Sharing or leaking any information relating to the Guild or its events.
  • Cheating or Hacking.

I'm not Hardcore, can I still join?

We understand that people have lives and cannot always invest ridiculous amounts of hours. What matters to us is that you as a player, progress towards end-game. If you’re a Semi-hardcore player and are interested in joining us, reach out to us on Discord and talk to us. We’re willing to make exceptions under certain circumstances. As for crafters, prove that you are the best at what you do, then we would love to take you in. We’ll be relying on you to excel at your profession.

Why Discord?

We’ve integrated our spreadsheets and bots to work with Discord to ensure a simple yet effective method of management. Our members are able to adjust their data across our spreadsheets via integrated bot commands within Discord. No messy permissions or confusing edits, just incredibly efficient google scripts. The above combined with our in-house coded Discord Bots lets us provide our members with an array of tools to better enjoy their experience.

Besides the above, Discord lets us manage an active roster and is an alternative to the traditional forums as it lets us host both text and voice channels for our members. An optional Teamspeak server is available for static groups that need it.

What is your stance on trash talking?

We are firmly against public trash talk of any form. At Checkmate we believe in building a good reputation for ourselves, as such, when you carry the name of the guild or our Tag/Insignia, you represent us and what we stand for. Chat has a tendency to get heated with insults being thrown around all over the place. As a member of Checkmate under no circumstances are you to lash back at people that are insulting you in any public chat (World chat / Region chat / Battleground chat / etc). Feel free to reply with a witty comeback, but trash talk is not allowed.

That said, what happens in PM’s stays in PM’s.

What are your rules regarding streaming?

  • Voice comms should NOT carry over into your stream. Set up an audio mixer to prevent this from taking place.
  • Discord / Teamspeak comms should NEVER be streamed during guild content.
  • For regular play / dungeons / non-guild content, use the respective stream channels so others know you are live.
  • Chatbox should be covered at all times. (Chat box covers can be found here)
  • Streams must have a 20 min delay for Guild-content involving Raid-leads/Shotcallers. (Castle Sieges, Open world PvP, etc)
  • If you intend to stream Discord comms, ensure you use one of the streaming voice rooms.
  • Also ensure that you inform the people in the voice room that you are streaming.
  • Voice channels under Territory Wars should never have their comms streamed.
  • Feel free to use your own custom overlay / covers. The overlay provided by us is for new streamers.
  • Resources and Assets are provided for you to use freely. Not mandatory to use what we have provided.

Why the strict streaming rules?

  • To prevent stream sniping.
  • Anyone can clip twitch streams and pass them around. Be careful of what you say and what carries over onto stream.
  • We’ve spent years establishing good PR, we have no intention of letting a single person’s idiocy ruin our efforts.
  • If you’re found to be the cause of a stream snipe, it will result in an instant termination from our roster.
  • Contact Shaze for queries / clarification.